I love education more, and have more motivation and understanding about how to nurture children.
Indonesia Civic Education participant

Current Activities


ITD will conduct a two-week Massachusetts-based program for twenty Dutch primary, middle, vocational, and high school teachers in the fall of 2017.  The goals of the program are to: 1) provide the Dutch participants with an overview and a hands-on experience of the education system in the U.S., 2) foster lasting professional relationships between Dutch and U.S. educators.

ITD is a private nonprofit organization specializing in designing and implementing tailor-made professional, academic, youth, sports, and cultural programs for educators, students, government officials, business people, community leaders, and many others around the world.  Since its founding in 1985, ITD has provided programming for over 3,300 participants from more than 100 countries through funding from the US Department of State, individual Fulbright Centers, USAID, USIA, World Bank, FAO, UNDP, UNICEF, Peace Corps, private businesses, and foreign governments.

The program will take place from 15-28 October, 2017 and will consist of an Overview Component, a Placement Component, and a Debriefing Component. 

The Dutch participants will fly in to Logan Airport in Boston and be met by ITD drivers who will escort them by van to Amherst, where ITD is based.  The first two full days of the program will take place at ITD and will comprise the Overview Component, including an orientation session, a welcome lunch, and several presentations.  This Component will also afford participants time to recover from jetlag, adjust to a different climate, and to receive guidance as necessary for cultural adaptation.

ITD is seeking primary, middle, vocational, and high schools to host 1-3 Dutch teachers each during this component.  We are particularly interested in attracting schools with: a) a high degree of interest in the exchange, b) an appreciation of what the Dutch teachers can offer their schools and students, and c) an ability to accommodate Dutch participants in a homestay with a teacher or administrator from their school.  

Well before the program begins ITD will prepare a packet of materials for each school, including:
·    Program goals and objectives
·    Expectations of host schools and of the Dutch participants
·    Information about each participant's professional roles and interests
·    Information about each participant's school in the Netherlands
·    Information about the education system in the Netherlands
·    Relevant participant personal information for homestay hosts, e.g. dietary restrictions and emergency contact information
·    ITD contact information, as staff will be on call throughout the program to help resolve any issues or problems that might arise. 

Suggested Placement Component activities provided by the host schools include:
·    A welcome session and tour of the school
·    Classroom observation
·    Job shadowing
·    Leading and assisting activities in the classroom
·    Observing school sporting events and clubs
·    Attending meetings of teachers, administrators, school boards, and parent teacher organizations

ITD will be in regular contact with each host school in the weeks leading up to and during the Placement Component, to inform and support their work with the participants. 

Participants will return to Amherst on November 3 for program debriefing and a closing banquet.

ITD will provide participants' transportation to/from the airport, and to/from the host communities.  Homestay hosts are asked to provide their guests with:
·    A private bedroom (although two participants may share)
·    Breakfast and dinner
·    Transportation to/from school
Participants will be prepared to purchase their own lunches and to cover all their other costs.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science of the Netherlands and supervised by the Fulbright Center of the Netherlands and EP-Nuffic.  

For more information on hosting a Dutch participant in the U.S. please contact Abril Navarro at ITD.